Nd:YAG is the most common Laser crystal with an emission wavelength close to 1 µm and usable for a wide range of applications.

Material Parameters

Host crystal Y3Al5O12
Lattice type, symmetry, space group Garnet, cubic, m3m
Hardnes (Mohs) 8
Dopant concentration (Nd3+) 0.1 to 2.5 at%
Crystallographic orientation [111], [100], other orientations on request
Fluorescence lifetime 235 µs (at 1 at% Nd)
Emission cross section 8 · 10-19 cm-2
Index of refraction (1064 nm) 1.82

Laser Elements

Laser rods with length up to 120 mm, diameter 1 to 10 mm (standard specifications);
Dopant concentrations on request, many concentrations between 0.1 at% and 1.8 at% are on stock!
Slabs in various sizes and orientations, thin discs.


Coatings upon request, AR1064, AR1064/808, various AR/HR combinations